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Words Acoustic ( hungover )

Melissa And More
Melissa Sullivan




La la la la la, no I, Don't know what I'm saying,but it seems the thing to do,
Ive spent so much time wasted in this field of life Ive lost a plot or two.
As I lie here staring at the ceiling, the clouds begin to move, I can see you like an angel in the morning, I can see you clear as day in my room.
Now these people will never stop needing to bleed the life from me,
Though my thoughts now may be hardened to this feeling, I wish you precious love a happy day  na na na.......

All this sunlight, a cascade of emotion so glaring to these eyes, so let the timeless sight of days be cherished so the honesty of love will survive la la la.....

No I, I'm not one for romances, the beggars allways steal. Best to throw it all away than be wishing I was able to say how I feel la la la.....

No I, I'm not one for saying I don't know what I'm saying but it seems the thing to do