Stokes Bay Vehicle Rally 2011

We had a great gig at the Stokes Bay Vehicle Rally on Monday.

The sun was shining, the cars were rallying, and many people came to enjoy the day. The Gosporteers raised a lot of money for the Mayors charities and all in all it was a success.

Ric and Ken sounded great and the two "Dave's" behaved themselves as well. ( They did not sound bad either !! ) I was fine when the wind was not blowing up my flute ( happens sometimes in windy know how it is... )

We have been asked back for next year too which is really great and we are looking forward to it.

There may be some more gigs to come from this so the gig calender may get fuller in the next few weeks.

More pictures to come of this event. They will be in the photo section in a few days.

We now look forward to our gig at The Swan Cosham on Saturday


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