Hello there friends, fans, family, Romans and countrymen, lend us your ears for some great music.

Welcome to our official music website of  MELISSA AND MORE Southampton UK .

We are :-)

Dave Wilkes on guitars,

Ric Westwood - Sax/Clarinet,

Dave Amey - Drums

Jerry Sharpe - Bass

Melissa Sullivan - keyboards/flute /vocals and the odd song.

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We are hoping to complete the album as soon as possible. Fingers crossed for 2020. The most recent works are on the left of the page.


We thank you for visiting.





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We like gadgets, widgets and thingy's !! ( as well as the odd cream filled doughnut.. and beer..and wine...and tirimusu cakes...biscuits...cheese...and anything else that gets consumed at rehearsal.... let alone at gigs...)

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